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Valy's blog is an inspiration blog deco animated by Valerie Klein. 



This blog was born in early 2010, initially to share my little creations. Thereafter it became a book of inspiration where I share my discoveries in decoration, creations, and my favorite artistic heart. 

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  • , Trine Andersen Matea
    Wall Lamp Wall Wonder
    By Trine Andersen

    Brass and laminated plywood oak smoked wall lamp, green. 36 cm x 36 cm


    Design by Trine Andersen. This beautiful wall lamp fits any home and will give your wall a sleek, unique and delicate look.

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  • , FX Balléry Matea
    Brick Box
    By FX Balléry

    Box in lacquered hornbeam, yellow. 21 cm x 10 cm - h 6.5 cm


    Design FX Balléry : "I like the idea to deface or to reinterpret existing objects. When I was student in London I used bricks as tidy or to collect my loose change. These objects are a coloured, warm and elegant version of the English bricks." 

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  • , Boo Louis Matea
    Biobu plates
    By Boo Louis

    Set of 6 plates bamboo, 6 colors: Lagoon, lime, tangerine, plum, pink, smoke. Dia 18 cm - h 2.5 cm


    Designed Boo Louis. This biodegradable plate is made from bamboo fibers and other natural plant materials. It is also resistant than plastic or melamine while being safe for health and the environment. They combine perfectly with small plates and bowls of the Bambino collection. They are an ideal size for children but can also be used as a container for drink with friends or family.


    Food (BPA, PVC and Phthalates, not derived product of oil). Use: Changes in the dishwasher; Suitable for hot and cold food and liquids; Do not go in the microwave.

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  • , Paul Bellila Matea
    Blume planter
    By Paul Bellila

    Planter in white ceramic and solid oak wood. 48 cm x 8 cm - h 13 cm


    Designed Paul Bellila. With its rounded and feet solid oak, the gardener Blume become an essential part of your kitchen. It is ideal to always have your handy herbs and your pretty feurs season. 

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  • , FX Balléry Matea
    Les Biches table
    By FX Balléry

    Table in natural oak, MDF white lacquered extension. Round model : 70 cm x 40 cm - h 40 cm


    Design Fx Balléry. Inspired by the elegance and contrast of young deers’s brown robes speckled of white, this collection of three coffee tables combines a contemporary white lacquer inlay, made by CNC tooling, and rustique type of solid wood furniture. Its results in generous, graphics and unique objects that highlight the traditional skills of Jura tabletterie and turning. A natural inspiration, reinterpreted and domesticated.

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  • , Lotta Jansdotter Matea
    Blue flowers dish
    By Lotta Jansdotter

    Melamine dish, blue and white. Dia 37 cm


    Designed Lotta Jansdotter. Lotta work is his life, and life is his inspiration. Her collection is inspired by the beauty of everyday moments that bring relief to the urban landscape. A pretty wedding colors and patterns!

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